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Kamran Mashayekh is the face of 21st century diversity. As an Iranian teenager, he immigrated to one of the most diverse cities in the world, Houston, home to more than 100 different nationalities where close to 140 different dialects are spoken.  He overcame insurmountable odds to thrive at top tier schools and eventually grew into a sought-after corporate attorney and expert speaker. His story reminds us that the corporate culture wars we face are no longer just black and white; instead, they’re intertwined with competitive financial pressures of operating in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.


Kamran’s central message is for organizations to proactively embrace the new diversity conundrum.  According to Kamran, diversity gives you a mix of people, but inclusion ensures those people mix. Now he’s pushing for companies to go a step further to focus on “belonging”.


It takes a 21st-century presenter like Kamran to masterfully address 21st-century corporate culture issues.  As an attorney and business owner, Kamran is adept at navigating C-suite financial pressures. His presentations are captivating, for sure. But more importantly, he leaves all audiences with an inspired call-to-action for working better together. As a Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Advocate, Kamran Mashayekh delivers education and inspiration to a variety of audiences. Book a speaking engagement today.

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